How to be a bride, in the perfect dress
2 April 2015

The wedding dresses must be perfect, but the perfect bridal gowns are created by EHO.

Being a pride in arrangement for the wedding, it’s hard to decide which model suits you the best. In this case, you should not have too much thought, because I am ready to create your perfect wedding dress.

My creation allows women to be confident in their own charm and beauty. EHO dress concept is to convey the message of virginity and divinity. Because of this, I recommend to all the brides, to omit the nakedness intimate parts of the body and to follow up for mystery and purity. I suggest to the brides to forget about the immaculate white color for the dress. They can opt for an appropriate color as ivory. The perfect dress should not flood in ideas or styles. I give this advice for all the outfits, not only the wedding dresses.

The fabrics used to create the EHO dresses, oscillate between pure silk and rough satin, French lace, macramé, taffeta and fine veil, which sometimes are enriched with hand-made embroidery and with sparkling crystal details. What considers the cutting, this goes slightly to a precious minimalism.

The style approached by me is a classic architectural and traditional one, modern and feminine, with precise lines and shapes. In every new collection I experiment art through wedding dresses.

The bridal collection signed by EHO is a perfect combination of traditional and modern ideas. Each bride will find a model representing her personality that is loose from her dreams. Flatulent silhouettes shaped in „A” form, straight dresses or the mermaid type dresses are decorated with simple and refined lace, bows, flowers and rhinestones – that are designed for all women to feel like a true queen at their own wedding.

EHO is waiting for you with the newest collection for the 2015 season which includes creations inspired by the peony flowers. This flower has become increasingly popular in the bridal bouquets composition, representing happiness and fulfillment that woman found near her future husband.

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