La Folie De L'elegance/Resort 2016
28 September 2015

La Folie De L'elegance ... it is a meditation about the spiritual statement  of the modern woman. Woman, who face up the daily limits and the controversy of the modern world ... She is strenght  by the transparency and the hardness of her personality!

The "La Folie.." collection is light by its transparensy of the colours and also strong by its structures and combination of the forms and silhouettes lines...

Be Fine, Be Rebel, Be Sensual ...

P.S From EHO with Love!

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Дана 24-Jun-2017
Читала интересную про
Xadrian 07-Aug-2016
Ok, just verified the quote. It was1;#82n7&t actually a sonnet. “Don’t waste your life in doubts and fears: spend yourself on the work before you, well assured that the right performance of this hour’s duties will be the best preparation for the hours or ages that follow it.” – Ralph Waldo EmersonMy analysis remains the same ;)