14 April 2015

Aphrodite collection with its 23 models created by EHO represents all conditions of a woman, from being a rebel till the fragility and femininity.

Aphrodite evokes love, beauty, pleasure and procreation, that is why, in the Aphrodite collection, prepared for the pre- fall 2015 season, you will find all states of a strong woman.

The outfits in the black and burgundy express strength and condition of a rebel woman, a fighter who at the same time remain feminine. Some dresses are transparent which convey fragility, but to keep the power, I used some materials to give the protection of armor. The burgundy color represents the transition from a fatal woman to a wife woman.

I suggest to you, try finding the rebel condition, to exit the routine. Don’t be afraid to find yourself in different things, so experiment in your clothing or even your own image.

The transition from burgundy to pale pink color of the outfits,  are the states of the wife woman, which is protective and does the best to keep harmony in her family.

For a woman in love, I propose attire in silver or gold that is passing in a green range of colors. In the period we are in love, we rediscover ourselves and dresses created by EHO express all the emotions we have at that time.

From the in love condition we are passing to the perfect dress for a mother, which is shown in peach and azure color. Because mothers are protective, so are the shapes of dresses that are strict but gentle at the same time.

The condition of a bride woman is the transition period from childhood to adult life. This is an important moment for every woman, that later will become a wife and a mother. She must learn to keep love and to remain herself, as a strong woman!

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